Swyddfa Docynnau
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Three leading musicians at the top of their game bring a performance to remember.

ALAW means melody in Welsh. Three leading musicians at the top of their game bring a wealth of experience to a shared passion – the traditional music of Wales. Dylan Fowler, Oliver Wilson-Dickson and Jamie Smith communicate their music with relaxed humour and a genuine affection that is truly infectious.

Whether unearthing rare gems or re-imagining a well loved melody they treat their music with a deftness and sensitivity that is thoroughly absorbing. From stirring songs to driving jigs, they combine powerful song writing and original tunes, this makes for a musical experience that will stay with the listener long
after the concert has ended.

Running Time: 160 minutes
Mercher 19/12/2018

Efallai yr hoffech hefyd

Ewch i'n chwaer lleoliadau...


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