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In ASSOCIATION with Pontardawe Arts Centre, we present


On Scarborough Front

The Clarence Gardens Hotel.

Scarborough. 1917.

Wilfred Owen, recovering from shell-shock, comes face to face with Lieutenant-Colonel Gray in a Scarborough Hotel – both facing their own unspeakable demons far away from the trenches

Marking the centenary of the start World War One, Lighthouse Theatre present this touching piece about two minds meeting in the most of devastating circumstances.


The Kaiser And I

By Stuart Fortey

Berlin 1914.

Europe stands on the brink of war. The Kaiser’s dancing mistress waits for her pupil. His army waits for their orders. Let the dancing begin….

A tender comic account of an unusual friendship across the divide.

Directed by Joe Harmston, with original music by Andrew Griffiths.

Running Time: 120 minutes
Thursday 2/05/2019

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