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It’s An Act present John Godber’s hilarious comedy ‘Perfect Pitch’Ron – Tony Wright MBE, Nia Trussler Jones, Clare-Anna Mitchell and Jack Llewellyn

It’s an act present the hilarious John Godber comedy ‘Perfect Pitch’. The play focusses on the relationships of two very different couples.

Firstly we meet Ron, a snobby prematurely retired headteacher and his would-be marathon running wife Yvonne, who have gone camping for the first time in a caravan bought with Ron’s early retirement money. At a cliff’s edge, with a view of the sea, they are looking forward to a life of relaxing after stressful careers, with a trial run at a seaside campsite in Wales.

But what they imagined would be an uneventful time to themselves is interrupted  when seasoned caravanners Grant, a bull-terrier breeding former miner and his partner 30 year old Steph roll alongside in their battered old bird. Their loud arguments, and even louder love-making, breaks the comfortable silence Ron and Yvonne had built around themselves, forcing them to accept situations, and home truths, far outside their comfort zone. It’s safe to say that Ron and Yvonne’s lives will never be the same again!

Rated 14
Running Time: 120 minutes
Friday 31/03/2017


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