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All That Jazz

1920s Swansea – Jazz and Liquorice are the height of fashion.

Two rival gangs “The Mumbles Mob” and “The Townhill Taffia” share the Jazz Café “Rosalie’s” with the understanding that they both keep to their own side of the bar. However, when Princess from Mumbles and Dangerous Dan from Townhill fall in love it drives the feud deeper between the two gangs.

Will they ever break down the barriers between them? Will Princess and Dangerous Dan ever be
together? This is a story of accusation, mistrust, theft, lies, deceit, forgiveness, betrayal, loyalty, friendship,
love….oh…and All That Jazz.


Nobody’s Child

Tommy Watkins was just an ordinary little boy, until the second work war led to him embarking on an extraordinary journey to find a new home as an evacuee. Little did he know that he would discover new things about himself and stumble upon a sense of belonging and purpose which would help him and those around him to blossom.

Evyn (13) and Teleri (14) two talented young writers from the Rising Stars Youth theatre have created an emotional roller-coaster of a narrative based on the devised ideas of their fellow stars. Tommy’s narrative summarises some of the beautiful experiences that they have had since finding friendship, family and acceptance amongst the incredible family of the rising stars. Their creative journey is captured in the moving and uplifting story of our ‘Tommy Watkins’.

Tommy is the personification of what it means to find light and love through imagination and creativity within what was once a lonely and intimidating landscape.

Sunday 29/03/2020
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