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This production is accessible to hearing and deaf audiences alike.
A full mask theatre workshop for all Deaf and HoH participants needs no previous performance experience 5-7pm

Swinging sixties story of unconditional love from the UK’s leading full mask theatre company.

It’s 1966. The record player’s on, her hair’s bobbed and eye-lashes curled: for seventeen year old Susan, life is an adventure waiting to begin. But what happens next turns everything upside down, and its repercussions will last for decades to come.

A bitter-sweet story of mistaken morals and broken hearts, 45s and beehives, where sexual revolution proves a hard and rocky path to tread.  How do Vamos manage to tell such a funny, heart-breaking and human story without words or expression?  Come along and you will be delighted to find out.

This production is accessible to hearing and deaf audiences alike.

“This touching piece by mask theatre company Vamos takes the long view in its investigation of the unhappy plight of unmarried teenage mothers in the 1960’s.  The mask work is terrific…. The storytelling is always wonderfully economical too, with the swinging – and not so swinging aspects of the 1960’s revealed through action, music and fashion….We may have heard this story before but Vamos make it seem fresh and necessary all over again. “ Lyn Gardner – The Guardian


Vamos will be running a workshop prior to the show from 5pm-7pm for ages 12+.  The cost is £10 but this includes a ticket to the show at 7.30pm.

This engaging full mask theatre workshop is for all Deaf and HoH participants and needs no previous performance experience. The workshop introduces participants to mask theatre, showing how to create characters, develop physical clarity, and create short scenes.
The session will:
•    Familiarise participants with the basic rules of wearing and performing in full mask, focusing on physical detail and isolation
•    Develop participants’ confidence in physical storytelling and encourage them to think creatively
•    Empower participants to have physical clarity and focus
•    Encourage shy or under confident participants to shine with the protection of a mask

“This workshop really inspired me and I would recommend it to every deaf person in the universe.” Mary-Jayne Russell de Clifford – DeDrama Theatre, Artistic Director


Rated 12
Running Time: 90 minutes
Thursday 30/03/2017

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