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The rescheduled date of this event is from Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th November 2020.

Stars musical theatre presents...

Please note: This event has been rescheduled due to the current coronavirus pandemic. The rescheduled date of this event is from Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th November 2020.

We are closely monitoring the situation and following government, NHS and Neath Port Talbot Council guidance. Based on their advice, performances at our theatres are now postponed or cancelled for a period of up to 12 weeks.

Stars Musical Theatre – the group who brought you Grease, Shrek and The Wizard of Oz now welcome you to join them In the biblical land of Canaan.

Joseph is the favourite son of Jacob. As such, he encounters the jealousy of his brothers who object to his dreams in which he is the hero and the brothers have to pay homage to him. They arrange to have him killed and to prove his death, show their father the multicoloured coat smeared with blood. In fact, Joseph has been sold in slavery to the household of Potiphar who has him thrown in jail as he objects to the attraction between his wife and Joseph. Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams is relayed to Pharaoh who has started to have a series of strange dreams. Joseph foresees seven years of full harvests and this to be followed by seven years of famine. Joseph is put in charge of preparing for the years of famine and, just as prophesied, the dreams came true.

Back in Canaan, the famine has affected Joseph’s family too. The brothers travel to Egypt to find work. They go to Joseph who recognises them but they don’t recognise him. They bow down before him (just as foretold in an earlier dream). Joseph has a score to settle though and after giving his brothers grain, he hides a goblet in Benjamin’s sack. Benjamin is accused of theft. The brothers plead for Benjamin’s release from custody and Joseph relents and then reveals himself as their brother. The ending is a happy one.


Tickets £14 full and £12 concession

Wednesday 4/11/2020
Thursday 5/11/2020
Friday 6/11/2020
Saturday 7/11/2020
Saturday 7/11/2020
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