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This is a Welsh language pantomime featuring Welsh Rugby legend Shane Williams…

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Shane Williams a’r Belen Aur

87 o gapiau dros Gymru. 58 cais – y mwyaf gan unrhyw chwaraewr yn hanes rygbi Cymru.

Ddim yn ffôl am rhywun oedd yn ôl rhai yn rhy fach i chwarae rygbi!

Dyna yw stori Shane Williams. Cyn chwaraewr Cymru, Castell Nedd, Y Gweilch a’r Llewod.

Mae’n stori dylwyth teg a nawr mae stori Shane yn dod yn fyw mewn pantomeim arbennig.

Am un noson yn unig bydd rhai o sêr rygbi Cymru yn ymuno a chast o berfformwyr talentog i adrodd stori Shane a’r Belen Aur.

Bydd yna lot o chwerthin a sbri i’r teulu cyfan wrth i Tara Bethan, Rhys ap William, Ieuan Rhys, Nigel Owens, Sarra Elgan, Caryl Morgan ac wrth gwrs Shane ei hun ddod a’r cyfan yn fyw ar lwyfan Theatr y Dywysoges Frenhinol.

Tybed pwy arall o’r byd rygbi fydd yn ymuno â nhw? Bydd yna ambell syrpreis!

A fydd Shane yn llwyddo i achub Clwb Rygbi Maes Mawr gan gipio’r belen aur o grafangau’r dyn drwg Mr O’Cosbi? Bydd yn gallu galw ar help Miss Kick ac Anti Dot ond a fydd hynny’n ddigon.

Dere mlan Shane bydd yn arwr i’r genedl unwaith eto!


Bydd elw’r tocynnau yn mynd at ddwy elusen – Elusen Canolfan Cancr Felindre ac Elusen Clic Sargeant sy’n helpu teuluoedd plant a phobol ifanc sy’n dioddef o gancr.


Please note: This is a Welsh language pantomime

The panto is mainly in Welsh, but it will be easy for non-Welsh speakers to follow, and some of the rugby players taking part will be speaking in English

Shane and The Golden Ball

87 caps for Wales. 58 tries – the most ever scored by a player in the history of Welsh rugby.

Not bad for a player who was once told that he was too small to play rugby!

This is the story of Shane Williams. The star of Wales, Neath, Ospreys and The Lions.

Now for one night only his fairy tale story comes alive in the shape of a traditional pantomime.

Some of Wales’ most famous rugby faces will join a cast of talented performers to bring Shane’s story alive.

There’ll be a bucketful of laughs and fun as Tara Bethan, Ieuan Rhys, Rhys ap William, Caryl Morgan and Shane himself take to stage of the famous Princess Royal Theatre.

The audience will also be in for a few surprises as some of Wales’ other rugby stars take to the stage.

Will Shane be able to save Maes Mawr Rugby Club and reclaim the Golden Ball from the evil Mr O’Cosbi? Miss Kick and Anti Dot will help but will that be enough?

C’mon Shane, be a national hero one more time!


Profit from ticket sales will go to Felindre Cancer Centre and Clic Sargeant who provide support to the families of children and young people affected by cancer.




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