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JJ ‘Whey Hey!’ played by Adam Byard

He’s goofy, silly and just plain funny! JJ is back and is bigger,

bolder than ever before!! JJ is not the brightest nor the bravest

man in town but with a heart as big as his you can’t help but

love him. He is loud, proud and bursting with energy but will he

be able to help his brother defeat the Giant? Will he find a love

of his own in this tale?



Jack played by Jay Worley!

Jack is the humble, unexpected hero of our tale! From a young

boy going to sell his loving cow, this lad is part of the perfect

rags to riches story and is bursting with energy. This cheeky

chappy really is the funny, warm hearted character of our

Christmas tale but will his daring good looks and outgoing jokes

help him defeat the Giant and win himself a beautiful bride?



Jill played by Leilah Hughes!

Beautiful, talented and of course royalty, this Pantomime

Princess spends her days locked away in the Giant’s Castle!

This passionate young beauty awaits her hero to free her from

the grip of the Giant. Will this kind hearted Princess fall head

over heels for the hero of our story? Will she ever be free of the

dreaded Giant?




Dame Cookie Trott played by Anthony Argyle!

Mother of two and excellent cook, this dolled up Dame is

guaranteed to serve you a treat in this year’s Pantomime!

Always sporting a new frock and hair do this dynamite diva

will be strutting her stuff all across South Wales. Will Dame

Cookie be able to control her two sons? Will she be able to

help defeat the Giant?



Green Bean Fairy Queen played by Laura Phillips!

Gracious, Generous and most of all Magical! You can always

count on this bubbly fairy to make sure the days end well. Her

magic is strong and her voice is powerful but will this be enough

to conquer evil? This all green fairy will always be close to keep

an eye on young Jack as he goes on the adventure of a life time!

Fleshcreep played by Liam Dascombe!

This evil minion serves the HUGE giant existing far beyond the

clouds… his wicked ways and evil character is sure to test the

fairy’s magic and strength! This character is sly, selfish and of

course the perfect Pantomime villain. You will love to hate this

malicious and unpleasant Pantomime baddie!



Tickets for Jermin Productions Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime are NOW ON SALE!

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